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The ACT Test

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PostWysłany: Czw 1:47, 15 Cze 2017 Temat postu: The ACT Test

Be sure your topic is narrow enough so that you choose to can generate about it in detail inside of the range of internet pages you are allowed. For example, say you could be asked to write down a 1-page essay about someone with your family. Since you only have a restricted variety of internet pages, you may have to focus on an individual particular characteristic of that person, or one particular particular incident from that person's life, rather than trying to put in writing about that person's entire life. Having a narrow focus will help you create a a lot more interesting paper.
Revised: My sister is my most appropriate friend.
Similarly, you may be asked to jot down a 5-page paper about volcanoes. Again, since you only have a minimal variety of webpages, you may choose to focus on an individual particular volcano or 1 particular eruption, rather than trying to talk about volcanoes in general.
Too general: Volcanoes of your world.
Revised: The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in June 1991.
A particular method for narrowing down your topic is called brainstorming. Brainstorming serves as a useful way to let ideas you didn't know you had come to the surface.
Sit down which has a pencil and paper, or at your computer, and craft whatever comes into your head about your topic, no matter how confused or disorganized.
Keep composing for a short but precise amount of time, say 3-5 minutes. Don't stop to change what you've written or to correct spelling or grammar errors.
After a couple of minutes, go through through what you have written. You will probably throw out most of it, but a few of what you've written may give you an idea you'll establish.
Do some way more brainstorming and see what else you might come up with.
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